The Brompton Folding Bicycle FAQ

An Independent User's Guide for the world's most practical vehicle
Dedicated to Richard Lighton.

The first steps to folding wisdom

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What is a folding bicycle? What is Brompton?
Is a Brompton really suitable for...?
Brompton compared to other brands
Which model is meant for me?
Where can I find out more?

Tips, tricks & tinkering

Preventing problems - taking care of your Brompton
Riding issues
Folding and unfolding issues
Carrying or rolling issues
Taking a Brompton aboard motorised transport
Regional information concerning folder transport
When and how to leave your Brompton unattended
Transporting (more) luggage with a Brompton
Bicycle computers, mirrors...
Quick repairs on the roadside
Beautifying a Brompton
Warning! There's no way back after this!
Maintenance at home
Spotlight on tyres
Spotlight on wheels (rims, spokes and hubs)
Spotlight on brakes
Spotlight on lights
Spotlight on the seatpost and saddle
Spotlight on handlebars
Spotlight on the (hub) gears
Spotlight on the rear sprocket
Spotlight on the chain
Spotlight on the front chainring
Spotlight on the bottom bracket
Spotlight on pedals
Genetically Modified Bromptons

Treats to ride your imagination wild

Stories featuring Bromptons (all true)
Names of Bromptons (all truly silly)