Quick repairs on the roadside


Repair toolkit

Lucas Fletcher:
I would like to assemble a toolkit that makes sense for the Brompton. Can everyone list the "must have" tools to perform all possible roadside service?

Mini pump

Pre-2000 Bromptons

Peter Lawrence:
There was nothing wrong with the pump as such - but I couldn't unscrew it fast enough to avoid all pressure leaking out. In the end I could only use the pump to detect leaks and I had to use petrol station air to pump up the tyres for real use.

MK3 Brompton's mini-pump

Alternative mini-pumps

Avoid car pumps

Nico J. de Boer, Aug 1998:
Since Bromptons by default come with car-type valves, I thought the idea to use an automatic car pump might be too obvious,
[...] I put the dial of this car tyre machine at 55 psi, and then the tyre wall already separated from the inner steel cord (probably this machine was ill adjusted?).

Fixing punctures

Changing tyres