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Bob Gelman, Nov 1998:
I recall a mention of a Mr. Tuffy type of tire liner to help lessen/prevent punctures. It is called SpinSkins ( The product is very light. It is only sold in sizes too large for most folders and was not thought to be sizable for folders. I have no experience with the product but I am plagued by "puncture vine", a/k/a Tribulus Terrestris, which is rampant in this area.
The following may be of interest:
Dear Spinskins,
I use a Birdy folding bike which has 18" x 1.5" (80 lb psi) tires made specially for this bike. Is there any way I could use your product on this unusual size tire?
<Spinskins> That's no problem. We do have to give you a special size but we can work that out. Just call our toll-free hotline at 1-888-477-4675 and ask for John. He can make the arrangements for you.
A post of mine to another group suggests an alternative solution to this problem which appears to be quite amusing, e.g., get people to eat the stuff:

I've been doing some web research on the evil weed that plagues many of us in the Western United States with flat tires. Tribulus Terrestris; aka Puncture Vine; aka Goat's Head. I was MOST AMUSED, after seeking more infomation by search engine on Tribulus that it is:
TribolicTM - 250 mg Genuine Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris.
Commonly known as punture vine - A herb used as an European remedy for impotence and as a stimulant that increases libido (sex drive) and sexual performance in men and women. It is also reported that Tribolic (Tribulus terrestris) is the closest and strongest all-natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones.
Medical studies showed Tribolic (Tribulus terrestris) significantly elevates the levels of several hormones: testosterone, luteinizing hormone(LH), follicle stimulating hormone(FSH) and estradiol. Further studies showed that when taking Tribulus terrestris in just five days testosterone levels increased by a significant 30% or more.
TribolicTM - Competitive Edge
Bodybuilders and other athletes like the former Soviet union and Bulgarian athletes used Tribolic (Tribulus terrestris) for strength and conditioning. U.S. Olympic coach Dragomir Chioroslan of the American weight lifting team gives his approval for Tribulus terrestris.
TribolicTM - Male Performance
Tribulus terrestris having an effect on reproductive functions: * An increase in spermatogenesis (formation and development of sperm) * Improvements in the quality, mortality and survival time of sperm. * Improves strength of erection.
Dr. Robert Fraser, Researcher and Herbalist writes Tribulus terrestris has no adverse effects on the central nervous or cardiovascular systems and that it is said to have a mild diuretic effect.

The above was taken from:

The plant has been well described elsewhere by Jobst Brandt:
The plant is called puncture vine (tribulus terrestris) and it grows primarily on barren ground, ground that has either been sprayed with herbicides or is otherwise bare in arid regions. It does not compete with grasses or other roadside vegetation so it is easy to see. Know thy enemy and I think the major problem of flats will be solved. You can see this plant at: and and

Jobst Brandt

Now, if we could all just eat this plant whenever we see it we could increase our strength, improve our conditioning, enhance sexual drive and improve sexual performance (in both men and women!) AND ELIMINATE MOST OF OUR FLAT TIRES TOO !

Alternative valves

Fat or slim tyres?

Stephen W. Butler, Sep 1998:
If I heeded the masses of youthful riders, who believe speed is the one and only design criterion for bicycles, I would have ceased to be a bicyclist many years ago.
Fat aggressive tread tires are preferable because:
  1. they absorb more road shock,
  2. they are much less susceptible to flats,
  3. they have greater stability in rock and gravel,
  4. they are easier to balance on in near stop condition,
  5. they have less sink in sand and/or soft mud,
  6. for any given distance of travel, they afford slightly more exercise,
  7. they have better start/stop traction on ice or other slick surface.
I also wonder, are fat tires kinder to spokes?

Alternative tyres

Before 2000, there were only two serious contenders: Raleigh Records (all black, fitted as standard) and Primo Comets (light coloured sidewall, almost slick). It seems there used to be Michelin Universal tyres that fitted the Brompton.
The year 2000 brought several new models of tyres: two specially made for Brompton, and a 37-349 version of the Schwalbe City Jet.


How do the Schwalbe tires fit on the rim?

That is, is it easy to remove and install them?

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