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Paper Magazines

These days, mainstream cycling magazines often feature folders. But these two stand out in the English speaking cycling world.

A to B

A to B magazine is a wonderful, neatly printed, bimonthly, 56 page, A5 magazine, covering a range of practical transport issues mostly overlooked elsewhere: folding and electric bicycle, trailers, railways, car-free life... When it comes to products (and it does often), it is rather focused on the Brittish market.
19 West Park
Castle Cary
Somerset BA7 7DB

Phone/Fax: +44 1963 351649
e-mail: a2b@onetel.net.uk
Several of the editors, including David Henshaw, are or were regular contributors on the Brompton-Talk mailing list.

Velo Vision

Velo Vision appears 4 times a year and covers the whole spectrum of practical human powered vehicles on large colourful pages, including articles on people. Compared to A to B, more international, less hands on, more inspired.

The Folding Society

Mike Hessey, Sep 1998:
The Folding Society is back! If you have an interest in folding and separable cycles, take a look at the web pages, which are at http://www.foldsoc.co.uk/ and please register your interest by completing the registration form you will find there.


The mailing list where all the stuff you read here comes from. Currently it is hosted by Yahoo Groups. Instructions on how to subscribe are also under www.foldabikes.com.

Brompton links

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General bicycle links

Brompton shops

These are references posted on Brompton-Talk or directly to me. Many risk to be outdated by now. I'm increasingly wearier of maintaining this list. It's much wiser to visit Brompton's list of distributors on their own website and contact your national distributor.

USA & world

The most active source (not only on the internet) is Channell Wasson, US & worldwide Brompton distributor, running the foldabikes.com web-site and, for many years, the Brompton-Talk mailing list.
Channell Wasson
C.M. Wasson Co.
email channell@foldabikes.com
web http://www.foldabikes.com
voice 650-321-0808
fax 650-321-8375




The Netherlands

Distributer for the Benelux is Simon Koorn, tel. 31 38 455 1580





Channell Wasson, Mar 1998:
Sending a Brompton to Australia from California is about $200US


Steven M. Scharf, Jan 1998:
Ever since I first saw a Brompton at the 1995 Taipei International Bicycle Show I wanted one. In January 1998 I was back in Taipei on business and decided to try to buy one.


Not everyone knows that Brompton licensed a Taiwanese company called Neobike to manufacture and sell the Brompton in Asia. The whole story is quite complex as the founder of Neobike was employed by another Taiwanese folding bicycle company who sent him to the U.K. to arrange the deal. The employee quit and started Neobike and made the deal with Brompton to manufacture the bike in Taiwan (this is the story I heard anyway).


At the time of the 1995 bike show, the Taiwanese made L3TS was retailing for about US$300. But due to the strong dollar the price has fallen in $US; I paid $235. The L3TS is kind of a cross between a L3 and a T3. It includes a rear rack but no lights. It also includes a zippered Brompton logo carry bag, the left folding pedal, and a frame pump.


I have heard reports that the Taiwan manufactured Bromptons are of lower quality than the English built units. This may be true. I am having trouble adjusting the rear fender to prevent it rubbing the rear wheel; it may be due to a lower quality rear brake set that prevents the fender from being high enough over the wheel. I have given up for now and removed the fender, but I think by some cutting of plastic under the brake set I can get it to work satisfactorily.

Neobike Office

The Neobike export office was a ten minute walk from my hotel but they were no help. They never returned e-mail or phone calls and when I went to the office no one was there that day.
Neobike Office: 112 Chung Shan Road N. Section 2, 3rd Floor, Room A = (turn left from hallway with the elevators, go to the end of the hall). Neobike has a desk in room A. Note that the entrance to the building's upper floors is around to the right down an alley from the main entrance of 112 which is a bank. Phone 2 5413253.

Taipei Retailer

Fortunately I had saved a list of Taipei bicycle shops handed out by the Brompton people at the bike show three years earlier. They had circled one shop that carried the Brompton (all in Chinese characters and with no phone number). I had my hotel look up the phone numnber of the shop. I called them (they spoke English fortunately) and they said that they did have a Brompton in stock. I went over there to check it out. They had only a sickly green one in stock but they told me they could get a red one by the next day, and they followed through with their promise.
I picked it up on Saturday morning and took it back to my hotel. They had the shipping box which was helpful for shipping it home on the plane (no charge).
Shop name: David Bicycle Company (also called 102 Bicycle Shop)
Manager: David Chen
Address: 102 Hsinyi (sometimes spelled Hsin I or Sin Yee) Road Section
Phone: 2 7066556 or 2 7000788
Directions: Exit the Ta-an MRT station, turn left (west) on Hsinyi Road Walk about 1/2 km to #102 on a corner. I think the cross street is Chien Kuo Road South but I am not sure.
Hours: Usually 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. Closed Tuesdays.
You should call first to ensure that they have what you want. Call a day or two in advance so they can get what you want, especially if you will be staying only a short time in Taipei.

If you're close to the Far East

The far east of the globe will be interested in Neobike International Co. Ltd. who make a cheaper and less complete Brompton under license for the Asian market.

Is there some advantage over getting direct from UK vs from Channell in California?

Mail order

Robert Evangelista:
Are there mail order houses in the UK that sell Bromptons with some of the extra equipment?

Richard Taylor:
You might try talking to
St John St Cycles,
(44) 1278 423632
91-93 St John Street
Bridgewater, TA6 5HX Somerset
I do not have a fax number for them (they do have one), but they are a pretty good mail order company
St Johns, by the way, do not discount Bromptons

Where can I find a second hand Brompton?

The longest list of second hand Brompton appears in A to B Magazine.

How do I inspect a second-hand Brompton?

Pierre-Philippe Coupard, Oct 2003:
On top of my hear, look for these:

Where to order custom parts for a Brompton

Here are Brompton-Talk contributers that run professional bike shops: