Preventing problems - taking care of your Brompton


When you just purchased a (used) Brompton

Spotlight on brakes - A little modification I made to keep water out of the brake cables

Retension spokes

if you are not a lightweight person, to prevent Spotlight on wheels (rims, spokes and hubs) - Broken spokes

Toss out abbrasive brake blocks

Unless you're planning to regularly perform Preventing problems - taking care of your Brompton - Basic brake care, read about Spotlight on brakes - Alternative brake blocks.


Regular checks

Spotlight on the (hub) gears - Adjusting Sturmey Archer hub gears

Basic brake care

Larry Chinn - The Freewheel, Sep 1999:
If you look at your rims, you will see bits of aluminum looking like tiny bits of glass impeded in the pad. File them down until they look clean. Sandpaper your rims similarly removing all remnants of dirt and rubber.
You need be much more vigilant about clean rims and pads on a bike with fenders
Also quality of the pad and rim make a big difference much like tires and anything else on a bike. Despite the fact I have Shimano XTR V-brakes and Mavic MA-2 rims on my 700 cm hybrid, I sandpaper the rims and file the pads to prevent squealing and improve braking, especially in the rain.

Infrequent inspections (but do it sometimes!)

Replace the brake cables

The pre-March 2000 brakes with pear shaped cable ends break easily (Spotlight on brakes - Brake cables) Don't risk it!

Check the handlebars

Before they break (Spotlight on handlebars - Broken handlebars)

Check the frame clamps

Check for frame cracks

Check for loose pivot bolts

They are threadlocked, but can work loose under heavy use. If they are, hurry to the dealer or carefully do the reverse of Maintenance at home - Removing the rear triangle.

Check the front carrier block

Transporting (more) luggage with a Brompton - Front bag jumping off: front carrier block maintenance

Check suspenion block pretension

Riding issues - Creaking

Check rim thickness

before you suffer from Spotlight on wheels (rims, spokes and hubs) - Rims worn out

Check for handlebar cracks

before you suffer from Spotlight on handlebars - Broken handlebars

Grease the front hub and tighten its cones

Spotlight on wheels (rims, spokes and hubs) - Loose/worn front hub