Spotlight on wheels (rims, spokes and hubs)

This chapter about the solid part of the wheel. Covered elsewhere:

Broken spokes

The problem

Replacement spokes

front152mm14 (Ø2.0mm)
rear 13 (Ø2.25mm)

The cure?

Rim design: is the spoke angle wrong?

Rims worn out

As on many bikes, the Brompton's rims not only make up a wheel structure. They also offer a surface on which the brake blocks operate.

Some have complained about the rapid wear of their Brompton's rims, and potential accidents when the wheel suddenly "explodes" under the tyre's pressure.

To avoid it: Preventing problems - taking care of your Brompton - Basic brake care

Victim's accounts

Explanations (anodized rims, brake blocks etc.)

Alternative hubs

Rear hubs: Spotlight on the (hub) gears - Sturmey Archer

Pantour suspension front hub

See, review in Velo Vision issue 10 (June 2003)

Loose/worn front hub


Cure: adjust for wear & grease the bearings occasionally

Ditch the cage

New bearings

Alternative front hub

Alternative rims

Alternative wheel sizes

Front hub width = 75mm, rear hub width = 115mm.

Building a (small) wheel