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Bicycle computers on a Brompton

Bicycle computer technology

Harris Cyclery recommends that the magnet mounted on the front wheel spokes be placed as close to the hub as possible, is this right?

Wireless bicycle computer on a Brompton

Dave Horne, Aug 1997:
Who makes a wireless that can work with 16" wheels?

Wireless bicycle computer installation

David Cox, Aug 1997:
At the risk of sounding really thick, does a front pannier full of stuff inhibit a wireless computer ? It is 35 years since I did O level physics and the empirical test would be a bit expensive.

Bottle cage

Doug Faunt:
Any suggestions for mounting a bottle cage? I'm thinking about trying to positions one on the steering post, so it'll still fold.


Clive Page, Dec 1997:
Does anyone have a suggestion for what the law calls "audible warning of approach" (around these parts). Ideally it should be loud enough to penetrate the cab of a 40 ton truck (or a sports car where the in-car entertainment system is going "thumpa-thumpa-thump" at full blast) when they are still over a hundred metres away.
For a time I had an old style hooter with a rubber bulb, but it was hard to mount it so it was easy to use without fouling the folding of the handlebars and eventually the reed got corroded and lost its voice.
More recently I got a battery-operated device called the "Megahorn" which emits a high-pitched shriek (not unlike the warning noise from a reversing bus or truck). It's almost deafening when used indoors, but outside it doesn't even bother some pedestrians as they step off the kerb without looking just a short way in front of me. And recently I've found several cases in which I was in danger from motor traffic where the driver didn't notice I was there. So obviously I need something louder.
A horn for a motor-cycle might be loud enough, but I'm not sure where one could be fitted while keeping the bike foldable (and I don't know how much power they take). I'm not too worried about weight, as I try not to carry my bike folded more than short distances.

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