De Clarke, Feb 2000: tells my short history with trailers so far and what features seem to me to be good/bad.

Trailer reviews

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Deborah Eacock, Mar 2000:
During a San Francisco folder ride a couple of years back, Len Rubin had a wonderful little trailer called an S'Cargo.


Bike Hod

Folding cargo trailers

Child trailers

The trailer's tyres

David Hansen, Aug 1997:
I'm thinking of buying a Bike Hod trailer to use on a Brompton and other bikes.
Has anyone had experience of the brave new solid tyres that are fitted to new Bike Hods? I hear that they are not a good idea on cycles, does this apply to trailers as well? Would I be better off with conventional tyres?
The Bike Hod will be used on roads to transport light and heavy items., Sep 1998:
[...] what would happen when I tighten up my Bike Hod fixing to the post. This deforms metal seatposts, will it shatter a carbon fibre one into a thousand expensive pieces?