Spotlight on pedals

The Brompton comes with ordinary bicycle pedals, optionally with a folding left pedal. You can even get a similar folding right pedal for symmetry in look and feel (folding it is pointless). They can be replaced with any kind of (folding) pedal.

Toe clips/clipless pedals

The Brompton folding pedal

Since March 2000, the Brompton ships with a folding pedal; before it was optional. The ordinary left pedal is the only thing sticking out of the folded package. What are the trade-offs of paying up for a folding pedal?

Versus soles

Removing the Brompton folding pedal

Rory M. dela Paz, Oct 1998:
I have the left hand side folding pedal and would like to replace it with Performance Campus pedals (one side is SPD compatible). My problem is in trying to remove the folding pedal. The only tool that I have which can accommodate the pedal is an 8" adjustable wrench. However, this does not seem to provide me with enough leverage to loosen the pedal. That is, I can't quite get a good enough angle for the wrench to grip the pedal. Has anybody removed their folding pedal before? If so, what tool or what technique did you end up using to loosen the pedal? Or am I better off going to my local bike shop and let them wrestle with the problem? The only issue there is that I have not seen that many Bromptons in Boston (maybe just 2, the rest have been Fridays) so I don't know whether the bike shops here would even know how to handle one.

The Brompton folding pedal folding too far

Simon Risley, Mar 1999:
[...] how does one stop the folded pedal getting pushed into the frame and hacking the paitwork up? All I've thought of is putting a gardening glove over it.