When and how to leave your Brompton unattended


Take your Brompton inside or leave it outside?

Forced separation - when folders not welcome

Dave H, Jul 1998:
I would be interested to know of instances of anyone being ejected from an establishment for the crime of carrying a folded Brompton. I was recently asked to leave Washington Union station by a police officer for wheeling an unfolded Brompton and when I asked the reason I was advised that bikes looked unsightly in the attractive station! I promptly folded the machine before her eyes which she seemed to grudgingly accept. I was later ejected from a Washington museum for wheeling a folded Brompton into the entrance to make an enquiry at the reception desk!
I believe that considerate use/presence of any bicycle should be permitted in any situation where other people are not put to undue inconvenience (eg soiling carpets or danger (eg grazing shins) - including supermarkets, railway stations and public houses. I tend to assume that my machine (folded or unfolded as suitable) will be accepted and then attempt to negotiate with any official who gives me grief, if necessary asking to speak to someone senior. You can also deny your luggage is a folded bicycle: Taking a Brompton aboard motorised transport - Ensure your luggage is not considered a bicycle....

Some Bromptons are not mistaken for wheelchairs


Osbert Lancaster, Jul 1997:
I'd originally assumed I wouldn't need a lock as I could always put the Brompton inside - but I now realise I'll be going to places where this is possible. I don't want to walk around the Botanic Gardens for instance, carrying it.
Any suggestions for a suitable lock? I assume the issues will be security, weight, stowage (I wont always have the pannier with me), and of course cost.