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The roots of Brompton itself

Liduine Reuser, Oct 1998:
I met another Bromptonner in the train [...] He replaced the Brompton-sticker by another one (it says : "I think therefore I bike"), because, he said, he didn't like the word Brompton because it means a sort of a cocktail of heroine, cocaine and whiskey, which doctors formerly used to give to people who were soon going to die...

The Brompton patent


Giles Robinson, Oct 1999:
What does one call a Brompton rider? A Bromptonaut? A Bromptoneer? I like the former, but maybe the -naut ending has nautical connections -- sailing on the good ship Brompton? Giles Robinson, Oct 1999:
And what what about a verb meaning "to ride a Brompton"? To brompt (brompting / brompted)? To brompton (brompton(n)ing / brompton(n)ed)? Can we distinguish between simply riding one and undertaking a purposeful journey (e.g. getting to work)? Giles Robinson, Oct 1999:
Finally, is there an adjective meaning "the sate of being where one would like to buy a Brompton, but can't justify the expense"?