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Anything you do to your Brompton is likely to void warranty on the entire bicycle, even if there is no causal relationship between your modification and the failure your Brompton suffers lateron.

Caution: think before you tinker

Channell's bike

Channell Wasson, Oct 1999:
It started out 5 years ago as an L3 bought in London in a fit of instant enthusiasm for the design and fine workmanship. I had been riding Moultons for the prior 20 plus years. Mine has every variation I have been able to come up with. After a year I converted the bike to a complete T5 model. (not a recommended project). I then started experiments with front derailleur systems. On mine I currently use three chain rings on front, but there are chain length problems and chain alignment problems at times. The final system which I sell as an add-on kit uses a dual chain ring of 53tt and 39tt. All components are Shimano hi end pieces. It works well and is reliable but expensive, however, I have heard few, if any, complaints. The key to success of the system is the bracket we developed for the front gear changer and cable management. As for brakes I've never had a problem with them, but on the other hand I was always on the look out for better brake pads or brake blocks. The brake mechanisms are a good side pull design that has been used for many years on bikes. However, it is much more difficult to stop a smaller wheel than a 26" or 28" wheel. Eventually I developed our v brake system for front brakes only. It makes a big diference.

For the moment my frame builder, who made this part for me has dissappeared and I must find a new source for v brake forks. My Brompton has served well in daily vigorous use by a heavy rider (215 lbs). I often pull a loaded trailer, Sometimes including my Lab pup Brommie! She rides in the Bykaboose perfectly contented. Over the years I have worn through one rim, cracked a front frame member, (it's made stronger now) and had a crack failure in chain stay member of rear triangle. This was "mig: welded immediately at my favorite muffler shop which was only a block away when this problem occured in San Francisco. Brompton replaced the part with the new triangle which was made stronger as of three years ago. Mine was made before the upgrade. Yes there are improvements going on behind the scenes. My feeling is that these problems could occur with any bike you might own.

Other changes have also been effected by me, but any changes we have made have not been approved or authorized by Brompton Bicycle Ltd.. Anyone that buys custom made changes from C.M. Wasson Co does so at their own risk and peril. The availability and high cost of liability insurance surely limits inovation and forces adhereance to tried, true and approved systems.