Spotlight on lights

There's plenty of information about bicycle lights on the net, including Andrew Henry's Bicycle lights FAQ. However the Brompton's compactness imposes some limitations with respect to other bikes.

What lights to I need - overviews.

Front light

Space beneath the panier is 90mm, enough for most lights. Brompton fits a simple, effective, lightweigth Soubitez. I have replaced this with a halogen Axa Hilight myself.

Front light and standard pannier conflict

How visible is the light while the bag is fitted?

Front light lens falls off

John Yeates, Sep 1997:
[...] the front pannier frame seems to rub against the front light somewhat, causing the cover to come unscrewed - it's fallen off three or four times already!

Rear light

Front spotlights

Electrical power supplies

Battery power

Batteries versus original Brompton lights

Rob Cope, Jan 1999:
I still have the lights fitted, alongside battery/LED combination. Has anyone experience of running the supplied system off batteries?

Tyre-side bottle dynamo power

See also Spotlight on tyres - How do they cope with tyre-side bottle dynamo's?

Axa IQ

This is the standard T-model's dynamo since around '97.

Axa HR

Nordlicht dynamo

Busch & Müller Dymotec S6


Rim-side bottle dynamo

Bottom bracket dynamo

Hub dynamo (BromSON)

Willi Mindak, Sep 98:
Is there a hub dynamo that fits the Brompton, or is the space between dropouts too small? All hub dynamos I came across need 110mm between dropouts, and the available space is only around 90mm.

Dynamo charged battery backup


Where to mount a bottle dynamo?

A T-model (Which model is meant for me? - C or L or T model) is equipped with a dyanmo mounted on a purpose added stay on the rack (a rather weak stub)

Slipping tyre-side dynamo

Auto-engaging bottle dynamo

Doug Faunt:
I've noticed another deficiecy with the stock dynamo, too. It turns itself on, sometimes just riding down a bumpy street.

Blown tail lights