Carrying or rolling issues


Techniques for carrying a folded Brompton

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Stop your rear end from sagging

When you lift an unfolded Brompton, the rear triangle hangs down. This is good when you're parking or folding the bike and you swing the triangle completely under the frame. But if you just want to carry the bike, for example up stairs, unless you're quite tall, the triangle will scrape the ground and make carrying a nuissance.

Put your bike on a diet

Carrying assistants

Carrying or rolling issues - Improving the castors, Carrying or rolling issues - Rolling on the castors, or...

Collapsable luggage racks

Straps to help you carry a Brompton

Bags to carry a Brompton

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Rolling on the castors

Some folks including myself are disappointed that it is impossible to roll a folded Brompton around on its castors, and impractical to apply the official pulling method, i.e. lifting one side of the package with the handlebars.

Improving the castors

Removing the original castors - they're stuck!

Alasdair Baxter, Sep 1998:
The original front castors are fitted using Loctite or some similar compound and, try as I might, I couldn't budge the cheese-head screw with an ordinary screwdriver. Ka Lun Tam, Dec 1999:
I have my power screwdriver at maximum torque and it's just not budging. In fact, it's starting to strip the screw head so I'd better find the right solution soon or I'll have nothing for my screwdriver to connect to! Stephen Hosking, Sep 1998:
I didn't have any problem removing the old castors. [Neither did I]

Alternative castors

Using improved castors

Broken castor

Andras Toth, Jan 1998:
I would like to draw everybody's attention to the danger of jumping off your bike in a rush. A few days ago I was hurrying to catch a suburban train, so I stopped at the station the following way: at a more or less reduced speed (I was already on the sidewalk) I braked and jumped off the bike in the same moment. Result: since my weight was not keeping it down any longer, the rear wheel assembly swang around and swapped into parked position with such force that when landing a piece of one of the small plastic wheels broke off. I wonder why these small wheels are made from plastic and not rubber, in which case not only would they not break so easily but it would be also more convenient to drag the bicycle in a folded position. I wonder also why the Brompton manual does not warn the user to be careful when stopping. So when you stop, don't get off your bike until it is in a completely stationary position.

Bent rear castor wheel stays (L-model)

On all Bromptons, the front castor pair is mounted on the rear frame triangle. On T models, the rear castors are mounted on the rack. On L models, the rear castors are mounted on special stays.

Bent front castor wheel stays (T-model)

Anthony Cartmell:
The curved frame tubes on the rear frame which support the little wheels closest to the suspension rubber have got bent on my Brompton. I think it was caused by my sitting on the folded package while waiting for trains. I have managed to straighten them a little but they must still be a bit on the weak side. The result is a not-quite-so-stable parking position which can cause problems with a heavy front bag!